Kids Go Green is a playful education solution targeting sustainable home-school mobility that involves the entire school community (children, teachers, and families) in a collective gameful educational journey. In Kids Go Green, the sustainable kilometres made by each child on their trips from home to school contribute to the progress of the whole group of pupils on a virtual educational journey to places in the real world that is personalized according to the specific group’s didactical interests. Stops along the way allow the discovery of cities, countries, and places, conveying the value of the collective sustainable kilometres travelled to date. The final destination and the stops are customized according to the interests and educational needs of the pupils and can cover interdisciplinary subjects or target a specific topic of interest. Stops, enriched by multimedia educational material, are unlocked when a sufficient number of sustainable kilometers is reached, and thus can be exploited for in-class learning and for motivating children towards sustainable mobility transportation.


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